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Posted on Mar 13, 2020 in New

 Diving club, Aegen Euphoris Hotel, Turkey, 2013

diving club_wall painting1 retro caffee_wall painting+collage_4x2,5 m retro caffee_wall painting+collage_4x2,5mbilliard club_wall painting 8x3m billiard club_wall painting_6x3m bowling_wall painting_10x4m bowling_wall painting_6x4m bowling_wall painting_3x4m kids club_cinema room_wall painting 5x3m kids club_cinema room_wall painting 8x3m kids club_cinema room entrance_wall painting 3,5x3 m kids club_playing room_wall painting 2,5x1,5mkoala and owl wallpainting mokey on the wall Tree with animals wallpainting ellephant and butterfly jpg cats with snake wallpainting

diving club_wall painting_4x2,5mDSCF8535 DSCF8530 DSCF8524 DSCF8520 DSCF8517 Cup and Cake caffee, Prague, Art Design: Linda YurdakulRixos Fluela Davos Hotel_goldening Rixos Fluela Davos Hotel Rixos Fluela Davos Hotel_Linda Rixos Fluela Davos Hotel_artists