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Linda Audyova _webLinda is Art lover and Visual creature. She comes from Czech Republic and her domains are Animation, Illustration and wall painting. Her style in unique, she loves to picture relationshops with sincere view on nature and humankind, with touch of surrealism or subconscious, and spiritual or deeper psychological dilemmas. She bases her observations on details in her visual style. Her forever optimism and kindness is felt from her work.

She was born in 1986 in Brno, studied ŠUD in Brno, department of Illustration and UTB in Zlín, department of Animation. Then she studied Fine Art and Visual Communications in Istanbul. Nowadays she lives partly in Istanbul, Turkey and in Brno, Czech Republic.

She took part in many exhibitions (Hlídka, Špilberk, Brno 2016, Animatoráma 2012 and 2014, Mixer: multimedail film festival 2008, Exhibition in Artv Gallery Capitol shopping Center, Istanbul, 2011) and directed a few animated shorts which were acclaimed all over the world:

• Ostrava pictures 2010: Public Award and honourable mention for Short Animated movie “Last Minute” and Official Selections in following festivals:


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talking pictures festivallogo

 Zoom_logocitizan Jane film festival




• Winner Best Animated music video “Chocolat factory“, Ostrava picture 2010. 

• Winner: Honourable mention for Animated music video “On the knees“, Los Angeles Reel film festival 2010 and Official Selections in followings festivals:


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