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Love Herbs, digital painting, 2018, print 100×70 cm

Windy days, Digital painting, 2014, print 100×70 cm

windy days_digital painting 100x70cm




windy days detail 2

windy days detail 1

windy days






















































The Mothe Earth, digital painting, poster 100×70 cm, 2015

Mother Earth_web



Mother Earth_detail 3Mother Earth_detail 2 Mother Earth_detail 1

















The tree of life, Digital painting, 2012, print 100 x 70 cm

tree of life_digital painting 100x70 cm_poster


























tree of life_digital painting 100x70 cm_small 














tree of life_digital painting 100x70 cm_small1















tree of life_digital painting 100x70 cm_small3
















Abstract composition – Blue-green challenges, 2010, Digital print 100 x 70 cm

Abstract composition - Greenblue freedom, 2010, 100x70 cmTesssyra_Liana_poster illustration liana tessyra_breast liana tessyra_hopsliana tessyra_waist line liana tessyra_robotic shoulder liana tessyra_robotic elbow liana tessyra_mechanic shoulder liana tessyra_hair and robtic armliana tessyra_mechanic hand liana tessyra_hand liana tessyra_eye liana tessyra_her hair liana tessyra_face   Liandr_tessyra_poster Liandr_tessyra_leg Liandr_tessyra_Fellone_potato Liandr_tessyra_year Liandr_tessyra_ear Liandr_tessyra_displey creature

























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